Solutions for Reading Improvement and Success
Dr. Alan Pearson

Alan P Pearson OD, PhD, MEd

Dear Parents,

Have you heard the advice "Read 20–30 minutes each day!"?

Chances are your child's teacher has assigned reading at home 20–30 minutes per day. Teachers know that regular, consistent practice in reading is essential for academic success. But some children just don't like to read because reading is too hard or uncomfortable. These children fall behind their peers since they are not getting the practice they need.

When your child is enrolled in the iStar Reading Club you can assure that he/she completes 20–30 minutes of reading development practice each day. Moreover, the reading practice will be targeted towards his/her current needs and level. Advanced, research proven software will motivate and respond to your child's performance. Data reaches our clinics, where professional Teacher-Coaches will monitor and respond to any "red-flags" and adjust program practice as needed. In–clinic supportive tutoring sessions are available to further target weak areas or develop motivation and compliance to help your child overcome barriers and build confidence.

One of the key differences between the iStar Reading Club and other tutoring approaches is that the iStar Reading Club makes daily reading practice possible. In traditional tutoring, whether one time a week or two, there usually is not much structured practice that happens between sessions. Research in reading development indicates that frequent, consistent, structured, and well sequenced practice is key to success. The iStar Reading Club brings daily targeted practice in a comprehensive, structured, and sequenced manner that you can supervise right from home. This means kids make progress faster and may not need as many tutoring sessions to reach goals. Your child benefits more, and you spend less time hauling your child around town for appointments.

We look forward to helping your child become a star reader!

Alan P Pearson, OD MEd PhD FCOVD
Founder and Director of the iStar Reading Club
Clinic Director of the Vision Clinics of Development & Learning

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Course #1: Reading Foundations


Course #1: Reading Foundations is appropriate for:
– Children grades K – 5 : Lexia Reading CORE 5
– Children grades 6 – 12 : Lexia Reading Strategies for Older Students

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Word segmentation
  • Automaticity
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

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about Course #1: Reading Foundations

Course #2:
Reading Fluency and Comprehension


  • Silent Reading Fluency
  • Stamina and Efficiency
  • Reading speed
  • Motivation/ Interest/ Value
  • Vocabulary Comprehension
  • Textual Analysis

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about Course #2:
Reading Fluency and Comprehension

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