Course #3: Reading Fluency & Comprehension

Fluency depends upon our ability to coordinate our eyes, track along lines of text, and quickly and accurately recognize and store words in short-term memory. This course builds the smooth flow of reading which leads to better comprehension and enjoyment in reading. Performance data is monitored for coaching and personalized progress planning.

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Here is an example of the Eye Movements of Inefficient Reader:

More About Reading Plus

By: Reading Plus:


  • For grades 3 to 12+, Reading Plus moves beyond learning how to read towards learning how to read efficiently with good comprehension.
  • Eye tracking technology can demonstrate inefficeincies of reading and help to focus on areas for improvement.
  • Our Reading-Coach is able to monitor through extensive data provided by your student's use of Reading Plus and provide your student guided practice and embedded instruction in areas of struggle.
  • Reading Plus offers structured, sequenced, and intense development of the physical, cognitive, and emotional domains of fluent reading.
  • Reading Plus is commonly used in many schools. It has a proven history and research basis for effectiveness.


  • Silent Reading Fluency
  • Stamina and Efficiency
  • Reading speed
  • Motivation/ Interest/ Value
  • Vocabulary Comprehension
  • Textual Analysis

Course Duration:

Typically 4 – 6 months

Appropriate for:

Children grades 3 – 12+
Adults can benefit too.


Complete 30 – 40 min. per day at least 5 days per week.

Monitoring/ Coaching/ Support

  • E-mail support
  • Daily Red-Flag Monitoring
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Supplemental Off-line Activities

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition: $895

Initial enrollment and setup session is included. Subsequent educational therapy sessions are scheduled only as needed and are $139 per hour, or $80 per half-hour.

Get Started:

Call 425-702-0807 to schedule a FREE Reading Success Assessment.

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